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To The Moon and Back with Patrick Sweany

“To the moon and back,” Patrick likes to say when talking about touring. It’s the distance he’s spent on the road since he’s been playing shows regionally in Northeast Ohio, and he’s done it twice. To put that into perspective, it’s over one million miles to date. Patrick was helping out with the family golf… Read more »

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Jessica Lea Mayfield: What Glitter Would Sound Like

“I kinda whistle on my S’s,” Jessica Lea Mayfield warns as she clips her mic on her jacket. Before the camera rolls she goes on about her love for St. Louis, how much she digs The Fortune Teller Bar, and how awesome Native Sound’s David Beeman is at making things sound all glittery when they’re… Read more »

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Damien Jurado on His Hardcore Seattle Days

Seattle’s most unlikely folk hero returns to St. Louis with Jason Isbell tonight. And if you’re a last minute shopper and still need to get your Valentine something sweet, there’s still tickets to the show! Damien’s Live at Landlocked would be a good representation of his live shows. Whereas his work with Richard Swift breaks… Read more »