Arch City Radio brings you the latest in regional music from right here in river city, USA. This is a platform that’s totally dedicated to preserving and growing St. Louis music culture. In addition to St. Louis music, we also celebrate the coolest American city and its crazy inhabitants with this online radio stream. Along with music from various musicians, bands, and songwriters here in the St. Louis region and the surrounding areas, our programming includes features on local arts communities, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and everyday people that have something to say. You can stay current on our features by signing up to our newsletter. You can also receive event notifications with our mobile SMS. Click on our “Updates” tab to subscribe.

Special thanks to the folks and organizations who’ve helped back our funding campaigns, played shows on our behalf, and helped spread the word:

Steve Houldsworth, Graham Matthews, Ryan Albritton, Bill Streeter, Jenn Malzone, Malice Cooper, John Henry, Alyssa Avery, Greg Munteanu, Steve St Cyr, Craig Deeken, Kevin Buckley, Mike Schrand, Matt Stuttler, Mic Boshans, Joe Andert, Gina Hendrika, Justin Johnson, Jeff and David Lazaroff, Stephen Baier, Jessica Haley, Jane Godfrey, Tom Lampe, Jason Potter, Randa & Tom LaVelle, Austin Hope, Reid Burnett, Bredon Jones, Karl Eggers, Zach Sloan, Jake and David Maness, Jeff and Randy Vines, Scottie Erwin, Hilary Scott, Whiskey War Fest, Pride Fest St. Louis, & Foam Coffee & Beer.