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All Them Witches with New Madrid at Marble Bar 12/15/15

“Lines of the world just rippin’ us apart.” – The Marriage of Coyote Woman Hidden in an industrial, run-down neighborhood of Detroit, just a block away from where the Motown label recorded hit songs that changed the trajectory of American music, there stands an unmarked building that houses the Marble Bar, a cozy space with… Read more »

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Heaven on N. Gore: Molly Simms & Her Most-Spun Euclid Records

Record stores are one of those magical places that breed culture and self-discovery. They attract weirdos, hipsters, fanatics and extremists. Very much like flea market culture, it is unique unto itself and attractive for that reason. Like being a part of some exclusive club, or finally finding a special niche to fit into, the record store… Read more »


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Twenty Fifteen: 50 Righteous Moments in Song

Last year when Cat Stevens was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame he questioned the compatibility of “this strange thing called rock and roll” with its “detached and heavily fraternity lifestyle.” That fraternity lifestyle rings true today maybe more than ever. Twenty fifteen saw musical collaborations on the upswing and genres of all… Read more »