All Them Witches with New Madrid at Marble Bar 12/15/15

“Lines of the world just rippin’ us apart.” – The Marriage of Coyote Woman

ATW-5 copyHidden in an industrial, run-down neighborhood of Detroit, just a block away from where the Motown label recorded hit songs that changed the trajectory of American music, there stands an unmarked building that houses the Marble Bar, a cozy space with a ritzy sound system that gives solace to those crazy northern winds. Alongside the Marble Bar are heavily tagged buildings slated for demo and groups of smokers soaking up the muffled, psychedelic wails from the other side of the wall.

Last night it was Nashville’s All Them Witches and Athens, Georgia’s New Madrid who pushed the Marble Bar’s speakers to the outer limits. ATW signed with New West Records (Steve Earle, Nikki Lane, Daniel Romano) for their latest album Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, which released this past October.

The band’s touring in support of the new record and to keep the buzz going from their breakthrough performance at Bonnaroo this year. They also performed at LouFest this past September.

Here’s some photos from the show last night.

All Them WitchesATW-8 copyATW-1 copyATW-6 copyATW-9 copyATW-4 copyATW-2 copyATW-10 copyATW-3 copyNew Madridnm-1 copynm-3 copynm-4 copynm-2 copy