Damien Jurado on His Hardcore Seattle Days

Seattle’s most unlikely folk hero returns to St. Louis with Jason Isbell tonight. And if you’re a last minute shopper and still need to get your Valentine something sweet, there’s still tickets to the show!

Damien’s Live at Landlocked would be a good representation of his live shows. Whereas his work with Richard Swift breaks all the rules with some glorious headphone material that gets stripped down on stages outside of Seattle.

During his back-to-back sets at Shubas Tavern in Chicago last year he expressed how much one of his sons is into electronic music. In our interview he goes on about world music. “I’m a huge fan of that shit,” Damien Jurado says of Bollywood. So just picture that one I guess; Damien Jurado driving to his gig at the Peabody blaring Bollywood tunes with Jason Isbell.

But Jurado’s earliest recorded project Coolidge would be the biggest surprise to most fans that know him from his folk records. Check this out!