Show & Tell: Empty City Prints

On Cherokee Street in the old Grace Hill Medical Center stands walls that were once used to display x-rays but are now plastered with concert posters from printmaker extraordinaire Jason Potter, who’s probably best known around these parts as garage-rock drummer and one-half Bruiser Queen. He calls the gig Empty City Prints, a name coined after our very own vacancy conundrum here in the old brick yard.

The prints you see in the first few photos are a recent Empty City Prints commissioned dealy for a talent buyer up north.

“In Milwaukee they have these old-school promoters where they bring in bands. So this guy Aaron up there, he puts together shows. This Night Beats band is pretty big, they tour with Black Lips for kind of the garage-psych genre. So he’s throwing this show and is like, ‘yeah I’d love to do a poster we could sell at the show.’ And I like Night Beats. They’re really super cool but I like this band The Hussy. They’re kind of smaller but they’re from Madison and they’re just freaking awesome.”

This brings us to some of Jason Potter’s poster designs from the past few years. It’s a Show & Tell. In other words, scroll through the images as Jason here talks you through the magic of each poster, starting with Dan Deacon. There will be design and print talk, a bit o’ rock and roll history, and factoids on the artist himself!

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