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Song Premiere: “Word Grenades” by Mt. Thelonious

“Born in the Bronx and raised in Northern California.” That’s how Ian Lubar would sum up childhood, although he would spend time in St. Louis before California. Lubar remained relatively nomadic due in part to his dad’s work as a teacher. Eventually Ian would find his way back to St. Louis and study music at… Read more »


Capturing The Feed’s Live Grit at Sawhorse Studios

We like to start by cutting everything live… Obviously that’s not always ideal sonically, but it really captures the essence of The Feed.  - David Grelle The Feed have been rousing audiences with their penchant for sonic experimentation and high-energy live shows for a few years shy of a decade. If you haven’t caught the band live… Read more »


Jason Gonulsen On Four Years of Speaking in Code

At some point you just want to do something for yourself. It’s so much easier that way. It’s more creative that way. – Jason Gonulsen There’s one thing that most writers agree on: the word blog is straight up blah. It screams amateur press, right? Why would any sober person take the word from people who actually care about… Read more »