Sump Motorcycle: Coffee Break’s Pretty Good Here

Combining an old motorcycle shop with an experimental coffee shop might be the purest conceivable slice of Americana, or Americano in this case. It’s not something you usually see around St. Louis, which makes it that much sweeter to be smack-dab in the heart of South City. But for Mike Henneberry and Scott Carey, combining their talents under one roof was a grand vision before it was reality. They’ve been pals for a long time and now it’s a pretty mutually beneficial relationship. Mike gets fresh brew on the house. Scott gets bike maintenance on the house. Mike even restored the motorcycle Scott has now.

“Prior to us even doing any of this, Scott expressed an interest in a vintage bike. He wanted to ride it across, I think it’s Highway 2. It goes across northern U.S. from coast to coast. He took it back to New York and it was nothing but trouble. We spent a lot of time on the phone diagnosing silly problems and finally got it all straightened out right about the time he moved back here. Since he lives upstairs he doesn’t ride it as much as it should be ridden, maybe. It’s mainly a restored Shovelhead. There’s nothing real custom about it. It’s just all new.”

Mike stays mindful of what’s on the other side of the building while catering to a certain market of St. Louis motorcycle owners, old V-Twin Harley owners to be exact.

The history behind Sump Motorcycle and Sump Coffee travels far beyond the few years they’ve been open for business.


Music in this feature includes:

Blues Counsel “Red Motorcycle” (Muscle Shoals Sessions)

Leadbelly “Easy Rider”

The Black Keys “Meet Me In The City”

Arlo Guthrie “The Motorcycle Song”

  • Becky

    Looking freakin’ sexy, Mike!!!

    • http://www.archcityradio.fm Nick Garcia

      V-Twin Harley = Chick Magnet