LouFest: Midwest’s Best Fest

Despite my phone’s inherent desire to autocorrect LouFest to *loudest* every time I text or tweet, LouFest is still indeed the best Midwest fest. Perhaps “loudest” would be an apt description as LouFest cranks out enough decibels to fill the spacious Forest Park. It’s the ideal stage and there is no greater big-small town than St. Louis to welcome a substantial amount of interested persons and notable bands while still having the elbow room to not wait an hour for a band tee or vegan cookie.

LouFest is a good look for St. Louis; environmentally conscious and cool. Leave it to Brian Cohen to put St. Louis on the major festival map and bring buses of out-of-towners here to soak in the vibes. Brian used to be a documentary filmmaker. Now he’s created something worth documenting: an indie music festival in River City USA. In this fourth year LouFest has taken a wild turn with the help of C3 Presents, topping consecutive ticket sales from past years in its first day alone and expanding from two to three stages to make room for giant bands like Wilco, The National, Alabama Shakes, and The Killers. Have a look-see at all the 2013 action!

Kentucky Knife Fight
9720689462_2090205388_b9720700104_eea881115a_b9717471115_0a4621b9c7_b9717460375_b834e98a1b_bJukebox The Ghost9719360011_3f99884499_b9719362783_24614dc624_bVegan Cookies9719355663_a29a4065f4_bFitz and the Tantrums9717422967_c82754edf4_b 9717420375_4ab1a52f4f_b 9717424253_b3aca99a03_b9722568802_6509ef5465_b9719346651_98eb9cc5b9_b9719338355_ea45f120f8_bThe National9717489979_fd8ccd84d1_b9720707738_fe2874762d_b 9720709112_a42a163105_bJim James9720684064_bfb0b24dcc_bJim James preaches to a sea of cell phones,“State of the art technology, supposed to make for better living, but are we better human beings?”

9720726072_96eb06ba7b_b 9720732188_c3af758d49_b
Desert Noises
9720645470_2e3dce9c95_bTef Poe with Rockwell Knuckles9719265547_0353f4fab4_b 9719266803_6b36ba0f98_b9719342175_28fd3c318b_bCourt Yard Hounds9722465832_d120540b56_b 9722461000_6ba06fb0ec_b

9719352785_d0393fea27_bRa Ra Riot9720697190_18dc2b4120_b9722583466_56cb320d22_bToro Y Moi
Local Natives
9722586498_10299c36c6_bAlabama Shakes9719229717_5f20bb3113_b“That bad bitch can sing!”

9719240249_3419b1119d_b9719231457_e51a10c890_b9722456180_f960921494_bEdward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

All Photos by Abby Gillardi