Bully with Fake Limbs and Heat at Off Broadway 10/7/15

“So stand still,

Don’t you wanna be a part of something bigger,

Something strange, is catching up to you.”

bullymulti2Alicia Bognanno’s gravelly, Cobain-esque scream reverberated across the brick of STL’s favorite rock club last night.

Montreal’s Heat and Chicago’s Fake Limbs were supporting. 

Here’s a few photos and notes. ✒


bully2resizebully10resizeBully drummer Stewart Copeland went to college in St. Louis before moving to Nashville where he met Alicia.

bully15resizebully5resizebully13resizebully12resizeAlicia met the other musicians in Bully while running sound at The Stone Fox in Nashville.

bully7resizebully19resizebully14resizeAfter releasing Bully’s self-titled EP, Bognanno engineered the band’s debut Feels Like at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, where she interned a while back

bully8resizebullymulti1bully18resizebully9resizebully1resizeSince Feels Like was released back in June the album’s met critical acclaim from NPR, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone.

bully4resizebully6resizebully20resizeThen Bully uploaded this tuff video for “Too Tough” last week.


heat2resizeheat1resizeheat3resizeheat4resizeheat5resizeheat6resizeFake Limbs